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SPS: Tuesday Morning Reveal

What if for the cost of two weeks of java you could get inside the brain of Fred Wilson – the real estate agent who has averaged more than one closed transaction a week for over 25 years; the brokerage owner who has trained his company’s agents to sell homes at twice the rate of the average agent in the market; the coach whose Production Model™ for success causes regular, everyday agents—both veteran and rookie alike—to open new escrows within a month and earn additional income in excess of $200,000 within their first year in the program….all without any marketing?

What if you got to listen in on the things Fred Wilson teaches agents each week – the secrets to his own incredible success in the business; the strategies that cause participants to achieve such amazing results; the techniques that allow any agent to make more money faster and easier? For the price of only $29.95* would you want to know how to go out and bring in an extra deal or two this month and to be able to do so repeatedly, from month to month? Would you like to hear how Fred coaches agents to achieve that? WITH NO MARKETING COSTS?

Get off the “hope program” and get up each day armed with Fred Wilson’s trademarked Production Model™ for success in real estate sales. A simple set of three vital skills—MindSet, DaySet, WordSet™—that empower you to find and close more deals today. Fred’s unique Sales Production Secrets™ program, The Tuesday Morning Reveal™ call, offers you easy and direct access to the same tips and knowhow his many students benefit from every day. His you-can-do model for success will enable you to enjoy much more consistency in sales – just like Fred has done for the past 25 years.

NO OTHER COACH IS DOING A DEAL A WEEK—as an individual, not a team—ALL WITHOUT MARKETING!!! No other coach out there knows how. No other coach can show you how…. Only Fred Wilson.

Take action now to learn what you truly (and perhaps surprisingly) should be doing to succeed in the real estate business. You don’t have to feel the pain of lack, failure, despair, or defeat just because you were never taught by a proven, practicing professional who knows what it takes and can teach you how. You can take action right now to end your struggles and gain the financial freedom that you deserve. Act now to dramatically change your real estate career for the better.

Only $29.95/month*, The Tuesday Morning Reveal™ is a live 25 to 30-minute call with Fred Wilson each Tuesday at 7:30am PST (rebroadcast same day, 10:30am PST). Listen in from week to week as Fred pulls the curtain back on one of his many secrets for top sales production. Career changing in effect, each call presents you with a powerful moneymaking tip that allows you to unlock your own success in the real estate business, beginning that very day!

BONUS!!! Signup for the once-a-week Tuesday Morning Reveal™ call also includes full, cost-free access to Fred Wilson’s daily ProductionAlert™ calls. {Scheduled Wednesday through Monday from week to week, you will enjoy an additional 10 minutes live with Fred each morning at 7:30am PST (rebroadcast same day, 10:30am PST). The daily ProductionAlert™ calls immerse listeners in an ongoing culture of production that fosters learning and creates accountability. They are specifically designed for agents wanting to make Fred Wilson’s income producing Production Model™ their very own model for success in real estate sales.}

*By signing up with this monthly payment plan, you will be billed once a month for $29.95, however you may cancel at any time to stop future recurring payments.